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March 13, 2020, 3:06 p.m.


Dear Parents and Students, 

Thank you for bearing with us this week as we respond to the significant decisions being made world-wide to this pandemic. In a few week's time we will look back at this season we are in and will be able to say “Look how much we have grown, and look how much we have learned about the faithfulness of God.” Exciting times ahead!

As announced earlier today, we are moving to a Home-Based Learning (HBL) status as a school. Here are some guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions regarding Calvary's HBL status. 

Home-based learning means that instruction and educational nurturing will continue, but the teacher will need to conduct that instruction using available technology (Renweb; Google Classroom; Emails). Teachers will do their best to provide personal feedback and assistance to each student, but again, within the context of each student being in a separate location.

We are counting on parents to help their students “commute to school”  on time each day. The only difference is they will be commuting to the computer or device provided by the parent instead of commuting to 7556 Old Moon Road. Intentional instruction, assessment, and interaction will continue during HBL; students should not view these as “snow days” or vacation days. We will make every effort to maintain our curriculum so that we will be on track to complete the regular school year when we are able to return to a normal schedule.

  • Is the campus closed? Our campus will be off-limits for CCS students and for large groups. This is to facilitate the recommended ‘social distancing’.​

    • Office Hours: EL, MS, and HS offices will be open March 16-17 during normal school hours (8:00A-3:30 P).  Thereafter, the main office located in the high school will be open on weekdays (excluding spring break).

      • We encourage families to call before coming onto campus during this time. 

      • The school will be completely shut down during our regularly scheduled Spring Break, March 23-27. 

    • Our maintenance and janitorial staff will continue to clean and prep the campus for our return, using enhanced cleaning options as available.

  • Teachers will be conducting remote instruction related to HBL both from their classrooms and possibly from their homes. They will let parents and students know how to get in touch with them.

  • When does HBL start? Students should be ready for HBL assignments on the morning of Wednesday, March 18. Teachers and staff will complete planning and preparation on Monday and Tuesday of next week and will be ready to go Wednesday morning.  However, high school students are expected to complete any previously assigned coursework on Monday and Tuesday as instructed by their teachers. 

  • Is it all the same K3-12?  While instruction will go forward, HBL will look very different at each grade level.  The principals will be in touch to let you know what to expect and how to access instruction. 

  • How Long? At least through Friday, April 3. We will make a decision the 1st week of April regarding continued or change in status. There is a lot of uncertainty how long these “social distancing” measures will be necessary; we will keep you posted on any decisions made by CCS.

  • Tuition and fees? Families will still be required to continue tuition payments on the previously agreed schedule.

    • Please contact the business office if you have individual questions or considerations regarding tuition. 

    • Our teachers and administration will be on the job during this time of remote learning, assisting and partnering with parents to the best of our ability as we navigate the challenges presented by this outbreak.

    • Calvary will not charge Extended Care fees during HBL.

  • What about extracurricular student activities? Parents and students should consider all activities “postponed”.

    • Ultimately, it may be necessary to cancel some events, but we will make every effort to reschedule the Spring musical “Hello Dolly” and as many athletic and student events as possible. 

    • The status of individual events, such as Jr/Sr Prom, will be announced by the sponsor. 

  • How can I help?

    • Watch your emails and Calvary social media for updates and important instructions. 

    • Help your student understand this is not an extended Spring break; class is still going on.

    • Pray for our nation, our leaders, the administration, staff and teachers, and families impacted by the outbreak. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you and appreciate your assistance and your patience as we walk this new path together.


For His glory,


March 13, 2020, 11:01 a.m.


Dear Knights, 

This morning the Leadership Team of Calvary met in continued response to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Psalm 97 provides great comfort and peace, as we recall “, O Lord, are the Most High over all the earth; you are exalted far above all god.” Our faith and hope rests with the great God of the universe.

In accordance with our pre-established plans for disrupted learning as a result of the outbreak, beginning Monday, March 16th we will begin Home-Based Learning for our entire school student body. Monday morning all students K3-12th will need to remain at home. Parents should be prepared to have students at home at least through Friday, April 3rd. An evaluation of our ongoing status will be done the first week of April and an announcement made some time that week. Spring break will proceed as planned.

There will be no extracurricular activities (athletics/arts) beginning this afternoon, March 13th. We will make every effort to reschedule games and the upcoming musical as soon as it is appropriate and advisable, based on the council of state and local officials. Parents should consider these activities suspended, not canceled.

More details will be sent to you at 3:00 p.m. today. Thank you for bringing peace, and prayers, to this time of transition from campus-based learning to home-based learning.

For His Glory,

Jim Koan



Provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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